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Best of both worlds.

Actualizado: 28 jun 2021

Best of both worlds. Mexico’s political and social sides on the question of migration and Intermediate Elections.

Is Mexican political thought turning into Hannah Montana?

To some of the Right Wing voices within Mexican media, Vice President Harris visit to the country following the mediatic Guatemalan speech part of the tour of America’s Second in command, is regrettably reduced to a slight confusion of Lopez Obrador remarking the aforementioned as “Presidenta Kabala”, mistaking both her name and charge. This and a manipulated image of the president’s appearance in an effort of the factually teamed up political opposition (which diverges on ideology but apparently agrees on missing their assigned seats in the Congress given by vote percentage) seem to be the only unfortunate widespread conclusion regarding the bilateral relations between the U.S and Mexico, which misses a lot of points of the upmost importance.

The United States Government has just transitioned from Trump’s single term marked by hate and closed by the tragic human losses of the pandemic, making difficult any bill (apart from the stimulus) or political action by the Biden-Harris Administration, that just recovered the White House for the Democrat Party, on social issues, even though it was thoroughly promised by the then opposition ticket, specially on migration, with reforms such as easier access to legal status, deferring leave of the country, and humanitarian practices within enforcement agents.

Since Mexico’s previous Administration issued an invitation to Donald Trump, then still a candidate, the official position on migration has consisted in nothing but vague statements of support of “joined efforts” with North America in order to prevent a large influx of immigrants crossing through the Mexican south border.

In the meantime the core subject has been largely ignored. Why do Latin Americans migrate to the United States? Is it just an economic situation? Do immigrants are careless about the dangers, or are they so abnegated for their familiars that the risk is indifferent?

If the subject is ever touched the problems on social mobility and inequality are usually the only ones brought up, the absence of a cultural perspective obstructs a total view for appreciating the full panorama. Maybe the Marketing of the Land of the Free has been a little to successful through the top viewed streaming platforms; it is definitely a matter of culture.

It’s been seen that Hispanics may leave home but they also bring it along with them, the Americanization of Hispanic America and the Hispanization of America are social mirrors.

The make-Mexico-pay-for-the-border speeches, Republican rallies and the Mexican memes may also be a parallel. The imagery of a divided Mexico City is not unlike the wishful thinking some right-wing Americans play out in their heads upon view of the last Electoral College Maps, as if land would vote.

How many times has the reader came up by “let California secede” comments, whether from one side of the spectrum or the other? That has been a comment within the Mexican context in the last few weeks about westside and eastside Mexico City, where half of the City’s Townships and almost half of the Local Congress was won by the Frankenstein Opposition comprised of the right, left and center Parties and the other maintained by the Governing Party, and even though it may be excused as humor, it reflects harsh realities such as the lack of access to services as elemental as water in one of the largest cities in the world.

To this, the Opposition has nothing to say but to claim “a victory” (while most of their electoral achievements are limited only to administration programmed and funded by the Seating Party).

So, maybe the Mexican Political Scene is just putting a wig much like Miley Cyrus’ persona in order to have a good stand with the American Government and get electoral gains, and it lives ignoring issues while allowing bigger problems to grow, that if not attended, may lead to a “Make Mexico Great” movement, not far from reality given the rampant classism and racism coveted through humor, but that may be the subject of another analogy with another millennial pop star.

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